There is a myriad of complex legal issues and title defects that can arise in the context of real property transactions such as missing easements, lien disputes and forgery allegations. Rogers Townsend lawyers have seen many, from something as small as an incomplete legal description, to something as large as the sudden appearance of a host of unexpected heirs. Our attorneys, with the help of our experienced title services personnel, identify, isolate and cure such title defects on behalf of lenders and title insurers alike. Often we are able to work with the title companies to offer both common and novel curative solutions that can be included within the foreclosure action itself-saving time and money. We also recognize that occasionally our clients will not be protected by the benefits of a title insurance policy or that our clients desire to secure marketable and not simply insurable title following the completion of a foreclosure action. In those situations, we work with our clients to evaluate their needs and provide them with all available resolution options.